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Welcome to Alphesda Interactive.
Where we forge ideas into reality.

We are a young Australian start up company with the culture of giving all the love we can give
Our website is still being developed so bear with us please

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Scalable Solutions

Design sustainable solutions

Alphesda is about designing software that tell stories but also to allow people interact, connect and enjoy using them to get stuff done.

Powered by DarkCore and Coffee.

Powerful Performance

Our solutions and digital media products are designed in house with the most professional and awesome geeks who value user experience above all else. Also, we are backed by our cousin Company DarkCore where we draw all the energy from to stay green.

Passionate with love.


We believe that every product needs to be simple to use and we realise making things look simple is the true challenge.

Got an idea? let's hear it

At Alphesda Interactive, we love to work with others to bring their dreams and ideas into reality. To design and produce tangible solutions to meet the needs and to solve hard problems the smart way. Simply contact us with your proposal and we will draft a plan and a roadmap of things that need to be done and we will dispatch our highlly trained geeks to design and implement the solution. You will be part of the proccess every step of the way. It's your baby.

Your idea, our Geeks

Stretch your imagination wide open because technical things are no longer the limit. The sky is the limit with your awesome brain and our dedicated and pro geeks to help you design, produce and publish.

Life long support

Once you join us, you join us for life. We will support your app for years to come and offer adivce on how you can take over the development to add more features if you don't want us to do it for you.

Fully stacked

From front end to back end, pre production to post, we are here every step of the way.

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Turn it on and it stays on

Sky is the limit, whether it's an app, animation or an interactive installation, we are more than capable to help you reach your vision.

We get things done

No matter the task, we will provide all the real information you need to test out the viability of your idea and see if it will triumph in the sea of apps.

Decent pricing

Our geeks need coffee to fuel their creativity and you need the money to make things work. We understand tight budget, trust us, we are a start up with a start up culture. So we have designed our packages in a way to suit all your needs. Let's be real.

From everything Motion Graphics to App and web development and design.

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

A message from our Co-Founders.

People connected
KBs of HTML Files
No. of Designs
Hours of Coding

Responsive Awesomeness

Powerful relationships is what we care about.

Get your Retinas ready for some interactivity

Interactivity and easy to use designs is what we are all about. We love beautiful stuff.

Powerful Performance

Optimized code that are completely customizable and deliver unmatched fast performance.

Any medium you want it as

Whether it's a video, an app, game, data visualisation or installations, we got it covered. our evangelist geeks are seeking challenges every moment they take a sip of their coffee and life.

Eternal Support

Our default support for certain products and services are usualy got for yours but depending on your package, we will eternally support any issue you might have software and hardware wise for free after the warranty's period.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Light & Ideas of our own

As a start up we started with a dream ! with tons of ideas to do and tell meaningful stories along our journey.

Boxed & Love is ...


Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.


We dream, Pursue and Achieve it. See More

Optimized for your brain to feel at peace.

We are a truly international company despite being founded in Australia, We pride ourselves in being diverse and working with people from aroubnd the globe to tackle problems so we can tell the stories the way we want people to see and experience

We kept on recieving tons of lemons, so we embraced it and made tons of lemonades.

Career paths

What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Their Kindred Sky project is amazingly star gazing. I wish more people would tackle problems like this

Melinda Black Customer.
Customer Testimonails

These people are absolutley awesome to work with. It enabled me to see the potential possibilities we can all achieve together.

Marcus Ta'eed Aftab Inc.
Customer Testimonails

Alphesda is a vibe, is a space where people can be themselves. I had the pleasure of working on a project with them and they were truly inspirational!

Luke Ward An awesome freelancer.

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Meet Our Team

Amir R.Ferdosinezhad

Amir R.Ferdosinezhad

CEO & Creative Director
Peter Du Preez

Peter Du Preez



Digital Media Designer


Support Evangelist