How AFX built a multi-vendor system for agricultural wholesales to South East Asia


Alphesda Interactive played a pivotal role in assisting AFX in designing and developing their identity, website, and a multi-vendor web application. AFX faced several challenges and opportunities as they required a platform that allowed suppliers to create accounts, upload information and products, and manage sales through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, AFX wanted to incorporate a social media feature for suppliers to communicate with potential buyers through posts, photos, and videos, as well as showcase their products on their dedicated pages. The platform needed to enable buyers to bid or make purchases and track their products. AFX also required an admin interface to manage all aspects of the platform, including adding admins, processing payouts, creating categories, and more. Moreover, they needed a dedicated interface for regional managers to access their own pages and link suppliers under their respective regions.

The Story of AFX

To tackle these complex requirements, Alphesda Interactive collaborated closely with AFX to build a comprehensive solution. Firstly, Alphesda Interactive worked with AFX to design and develop a unique brand identity that aligned with their vision and values. This identity was then seamlessly integrated into the development of a visually appealing and user-friendly website that served as the primary gateway for AFX’s multi-vendor web application.

The multi-vendor web application was the core of the solution, allowing suppliers to create accounts, upload their information and products, and manage sales through an intuitive interface. Alphesda Interactive leveraged their expertise in web development to design a platform that facilitated efficient communication and streamlined transactions between suppliers and buyers. The inclusion of a social media feature enabled suppliers to engage with potential buyers through posts, photos, videos, and dedicated product pages, creating an interactive and immersive experience.

For buyers, Alphesda Interactive implemented bidding and purchasing functionalities within the platform, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process. The products were tracked within the platform, providing buyers with real-time updates on their purchases.

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To address the administrative requirements, Alphesda Interactive developed a comprehensive admin interface. This interface allowed AFX to manage all aspects of the platform, such as adding and managing admins, processing payouts, and creating categories. The admin interface provided a centralized control panel to oversee the platform’s operations effectively.

Additionally, Alphesda Interactive designed and implemented a dedicated interface for regional managers. This interface granted regional managers their own pages and facilitated the linking of suppliers under their respective regions, streamlining communication and coordination.

All about the work

Overall, Alphesda Interactive’s collaboration with AFX resulted in the successful design and development of a complex web application that met AFX’s diverse requirements. By building a multi-vendor platform, incorporating social media features, enabling seamless buyer interactions, implementing comprehensive admin and regional manager interfaces, Alphesda Interactive ensured that AFX had a powerful and tailored solution to reach their target audience and efficiently manage their operations.

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