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πŸŒ„ Our vision is to make things simple and straight forward for you to build your own website! Super premium hosting with FREE SSL certificate with 10 GB of disk space , a domain name, unlimited branded emails and WordPress preconfigured with our standards loaded up for you to customise your website. All of that honest work for only $250 AUD a YEAR.Β 


The configurational set up and servicing them to you takes experience and technologies to become the infrastructure and foundation in which your online pillars
are built through Alphesda INteractive.Β 


Instead of $250 a year for just hosting, you are getting WordPress pre-configured with the best industry page builder, SEO and Cyber Security Software preconfigured and all you have to do is bring in the creativity and build a website. + 1 hour of direct online or in-person meetings for your business. We will provide consultation over your business, website and more. You can even hire any designer or developer to utilise the set-up we have done and build upon it!

We have seen our fair share of Β business owners who come to Alphesda Interactive with a website that is bleeding left and right. Amir has lost count of how many free website or super discounted redesigns and developments to businesses and brands not knowing the severity of their website they rely so much on.Β 
We also have seen the unaware business owners and startups who think cutting corners on their technologies, SEO and Marketing is a pro choice. Then allocating the funds elsewhere or just not realising the trust cost of money and time investment.Β 

+ Premium Cyber Security plugin worth over $500 a year installed with your wordpress website.

+ Premium SEO interface software and redirection worth over $1200 a year.

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You will receive an email from our Bot to fill out a quick form, then a Human Monkey will Register your Domain, cPanel, and emails then install and configure WordPress instance, configure an approved vanilla lite theme and install Elementor Pro Page Builder. 
The expert will install and fine tune your Alphesda's SEO Wizards Interface plugin and Cyber Security through obfuscation software. 

Enterprise Grade Hardware
Australian-Based Servers
DDoS-Protected Network
Fortinet Hardware Firewall
4,000KB/s Disk I/O Speed
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MariaDB Databases
Secure Unlimited* Email Accounts!!!!
Unlimited Addon Domains
AutoSSL SSL Certificates


We have partnered up with our hosting company supplier based in Melbourne to ensure 100% premium hosting quality. with database based in Melbourne under Australian Law Protection. + Advance WordPress Cyber Security plugin. ( it's not wordfence ! )

Imagine that; a Web Development company who offers their own hosting!
This means 200% control on the hardware and everything.
Hosting is basically a space for your website to hang out and run.

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