Fine Tracker

How Fine Tracker rebuilt the foundation of tracking fines through groups.


Fine Tracker is a mobile application that helps users create groups for various purposes and facilitates the management of fines within those groups. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and was developed by Alphesda with a single source code.

The Story of Fine Tracker

Fine Tracker provides a platform where users can create custom groups for different purposes, such as social clubs, organizations, or even personal circles. Within these groups, users have the ability to establish fines for specific rule violations or infractions. The app allows users to allocate fines to group members and keep track of payments made towards those fines, as well as the remaining balance owed.

Key features of Fine Tracker include:

  1. Group Creation: Users can create and manage multiple groups within the app, each serving a specific purpose or community.

  2. Custom Fines: Fine Tracker enables users to define and customize fines based on their group’s rules and requirements. This allows for flexibility in assigning penalties for various violations.

  3. Fine Allocation: Users can assign fines to individual members within the group who have violated the established rules or incurred penalties.

  4. Payment Tracking: The app provides a mechanism to record fine payments made by group members. Users can easily track the progress of fine payments and monitor how much is still owed.

  5. Admin Interface: Fine Tracker also offers an administrative interface for designated admins. This interface allows admins to monitor groups, manage members, and create preset fines for efficient and consistent fine allocation.


  1. Lack of Holistic Platform: Fine Tracker identified the need for a comprehensive platform that could handle the creation of groups, custom fine management, and payment tracking in one centralized application. Prior to developing the app, there might have been a lack of user-friendly solutions available to address these specific requirements.

  2. User Experience and Interface Design: Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the app to ensure smooth user experience and efficient fine management might have presented a challenge. Fine Tracker likely recognized the importance of creating an appealing and easy-to-use mobile application.


By collaborating with Alphesda to develop Fine Tracker, the app was able to overcome these challenges and leverage the following opportunities:


  1. Single Source Code for Cross-Platform Support: Fine Tracker utilized Alphesda’s expertise to develop a native iOS and Android application with a single source code. This approach allowed for efficient development, maintenance, and updates across both platforms.

  2. Comprehensive Functionality: Fine Tracker aimed to offer a comprehensive solution by integrating group management, fine allocation, payment tracking, and an admin interface in a single application. This provided users with a holistic platform to handle all aspects of fine management within their groups.

  3. Streamlined Admin Tools: By incorporating an admin interface, Fine Tracker enhanced the capabilities of group administrators, allowing them to monitor groups, manage members, and create preset fines. This feature streamlined the administrative tasks associated with fine management.

Overall, Fine Tracker, developed by Alphesda, is a mobile app that simplifies the process of creating groups, assigning custom fines, tracking payments, and providing administrative oversight. It offers users a convenient and efficient solution for managing fines within their various communities or organizations.

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