IONBLUE Australia

How IONBLUE Australia integrated a web platform to help with a net zero offset with electric vehicles.


ION BLUE is a platform that assists users in creating profiles and adding their electric cars. Its primary focus is to help users offset their electricity usage with renewable energy. By procuring Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), ION BLUE ensures that the energy consumption of customer vehicles is completely offset with renewable sources. This enables users to travel in a cleaner and more environmentally friendly manner, providing them with peace of mind.

Now let’s explore the challenges and opportunities that the founders of ION BLUE encountered before partnering with Alphesda to develop their innovative technology.

The Story of IONBLUE


  1. Adoption of electric vehicles: One of the primary challenges faced by the founders was the limited adoption of electric vehicles at the time. This posed a hurdle in terms of acquiring a user base for their platform.
  2. Renewable energy availability: Ensuring a reliable and sufficient supply of renewable energy to offset the electricity usage of electric cars presented a challenge. The founders needed to establish partnerships and procurement processes to address this issue.
  3. User awareness and engagement: Educating users about the benefits of renewable energy and creating awareness about the platform was crucial but challenging, as the concept was relatively new in the market.


  1. Growing electric vehicle market: Despite the initial challenges, the founders recognized the immense potential of the electric vehicle market. With increasing environmental concerns and the shift toward sustainable transportation, there was a growing opportunity to cater to the needs of electric vehicle owners.
  2. Renewable energy transition: The global transition towards renewable energy sources presented a significant opportunity for ION BLUE. By aligning their platform with this trend, they could tap into the increasing demand for sustainable energy solutions.
  3. Customized subscription plans: By offering customized subscription plans to offset electricity usage with renewable energy, ION BLUE could provide a unique value proposition to customers. This allowed for personalized options that aligned with individual usage patterns and preferences.

How ION BLUE utilized its platform and technology to serve its customers

ION BLUE’s platform enables users to create profiles and add their electric cars, providing them with a centralized hub for managing their energy consumption. Through the platform, users can access customized subscription plans tailored to their specific energy usage requirements.

The ION BLUE technology integrates with energy providers and renewable energy suppliers to procure Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These RECs represent the environmental attributes of renewable energy generation and are used to offset the electricity consumption of the customers’ electric cars. By leveraging the platform, customers can easily calculate and track their renewable energy usage and carbon offset

ION BLUE’s technology also includes features such as usage analytics, carbon footprint tracking, and real-time data visualization. These tools empower customers to monitor and understand their energy consumption patterns, encouraging them to make more sustainable choices.

By using the ION BLUE platform, customers can confidently travel knowing that their energy usage is being offset with renewable sources. This not only helps them contribute to a cleaner environment but also provides a hassle-free and convenient experience for electric vehicle owners.

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