CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS is huge and flexible and it can take a lifetime to master it all. Let’s outline a basic version here that covers fundamental aspects of CSS, including layout, text formatting, and responsiveness. 

This cheat sheet provides a glimpse into CSS’s capabilities. CSS is incredibly powerful and flexible, allowing for detailed styling and layout of web pages. For in-depth learning, I recommend exploring the MDN Web Docs for CSS, which is an invaluable resource for web developers at all levels.

Basic Selectors

  • * { } – Universal selector, targets all elements.
  • element { } – Type selector, targets all instances of the element.
  • .class { } – Class selector, targets all elements with the specified class.
  • #id { } – ID selector, targets the element with the specified ID.

Box Model

  • margin: top right bottom left; – Space outside the border.
  • border: width style color; – Boundary around the padding and content.
  • padding: top right bottom left; – Space inside the border.
  • width: px|%|em; – Width of the content area.
  • height: px|%|em; – Height of the content area.

Layout & Positioning

  • display: block|inline|inline-block|flex|grid; – Determines how an element is displayed.
  • position: static|relative|absolute|fixed|sticky; – Determines how an element is positioned.
  • top/right/bottom/left: px|%|em; – Positioning offsets.
  • flex-direction: row|column; – Direction of flex items.
  • justify-content: flex-start|flex-end|center|space-between|space-around; – Horizontal alignment of flex items.
  • align-items: stretch|flex-start|flex-end|center|baseline; – Vertical alignment of flex items.
  • grid-template-columns/rows: px|%|fr|repeat(); – Defines columns/rows in a grid layout.

Text & Fonts

  • font-family: "Font Name", fallback, sans-serif; – Typeface for text.
  • font-size: px|em|rem; – Size of the font.
  • font-weight: normal|bold|100-900; – Thickness of characters.
  • text-align: left|right|center|justify; – Horizontal alignment of text.
  • color: hex|rgb(a)|hsl(a); – Color of the text.
  • line-height: normal|number|px|%|em; – Space between lines of text.

Colors & Background

  • background-color: hex|rgb(a)|hsl(a); – Background color of an element.
  • background-image: url(""); – Image to be used as a background.
  • background-size: cover|contain|px|%|auto; – Size of the background image.
  • background-position: top right bottom left center; – Starting position of a background image.

Pseudo-Classes & Pseudo-Elements

  • :hover – Styles when an element is hovered.
  • :active – Styles when an element is clicked.
  • :focus – Styles when an element is focused.
  • ::before – Inserts content before an element’s content.
  • ::after – Inserts content after an element’s content.


  • @media (max-width: 768px) { } – Media query for custom styles on devices with width ≤ 768px.


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