Honeyminer Review: The Only Cryptocurrency mining for the masses

UPDATE: HONEY MINER HAS CLOSED AND NO LONGER WORKS! JUst get a cold wallet and buy as much Bitcoin as you can. Thank me later!

The search is over

In the age of cryptocurrencies where everywhere you look at there is talk about mining bitcoins and other digital currencies, people tend to look for different ways to earn it. There are only two ways one requires the direct purchase of the currency and the other one is to tap into the blockchain and use your computer’s CPU and GPU to calculate complex algorithms and grab some sweet coins.

The entire mining process could be very daunting to most people; from setting up multiple accounts, a proper computer rig and heaps of command line and set up.

Introducing Honeyminer ! the hungry bear is finally here to get some sweet delicious honey! finally a beginning friendly and still hardcore enough to just get the job done.

Honeyminer is super intuitive, all you gotta do is toggle it and boom it starts working. The application is available for both Windows and Macintosh. It supports CPUs and GPUs but unfortunately does not support AMD graphic cards on Macs.

How does it work?

Cryptocurrency mining is an energy-intensive process and you require specialized hardware to generate enough computational power.
Honeyminer pools in computational power from as many computers as it can via their application.
Therefore when you are utilising Honeyminer, you are permitting it to leverage your CPU’s and/or GPU’s resources.
The more power you provide by keeping your CPUs and/or GPUs running, the more you gain in cryptocurrency mining. Good news is that the entire system is automatically calculated and managed as you needn’t do the monitoring work on your rig(s).
Honeyminer finds the best possible coins that are most profitable for you according to the computational capability your supplying and their own algorithms etc. And at the end provides you with the mining rewards in the proportion of the power you supplied. Honeyminer 🍯 uses their own point system called Satoshis and the equivalent of BTC value is provided right in the home page. Furthermore, you can toggle an option to see its US dollars in the settings. There is also a levelling system and each time you level up you get some extra bonus which is tasty.

Use all your computers at home!

One account to rule them all, simply login on all yuor computers and start mining they will all be added to your account. You can choose to transfer the coins to your digital wallet at anytime. 


Is it cost effective?

Apparently yes. Honeyminer claims that the energy you spend correlates well with the money you earn so you don’t have to worry about losing money. They even have a calculator where they show some estimation on how much money you can earn annually on their home page.

But I won’t guarantee anything, there is always going to be hardware wear and tear over the long term, noise and heat from yu or computer as well as electricity cost.

I’m actually now thinking if it’s going be cheaper when mining on an M1 Apple Macintosh which is famous for their energy efficiency. 

Honeyminer Hotel?

You can use on-demand GPU by using Hotel Honey(trademarked). For a bitcoin fee. But I don’t know why I can’t use old currency as a good old dollar here. It seems to be well worth the money you get back in return by maximizing the hash power they give. the more you have the more you will earn. The great thing about on-demand GPU rental is actually on the development end of it as Honeyminer allows for API integrations, AI/ML workloads and docker instances. want to know more about docker? let me know the comment below and I’ll write a post about it.

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Please use this link to create your free account now

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