A new Community is coming

Social media like no other, Welcome to CommUnity where you can be united with your community groups and friends. 

Create community based events, collect money for tickets and participate in them. 

CommUnity is under development but to support us and find out more please sign up to our newsletter.

We have seen and experienced the gap people have with having their own customised communities around the world. Schedule meetups and events and manage their members the way they want. it’s like Guilds for your gamer mates or movie 🍿 lovers who just love to go to the best big screens and then share dinner together.
Wanna collect dinner money from mates in advance or just part of their membership fee and you wanna use the collected money to pay for tickets and food? so be it! you make the rules.

Join your favourite local community or discover new ones around the world. Participate in online and offline events or create your own to spread the love and passion you have, either for free or make money out of it!


Wait a social media platform? again?

CommUnity is centred around creating and joining community groups founded by your colleagues, friends and family. it is designed to allow you to manage your community group and participate in activities together. All community group related information and people in one place. Great for managers and great for members joining the groups.

When is it coming out?

We are currently working hard to design and develop this software. 2020 looks like a good year to launch. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter to show your interest. We won't spam you.

Is it free?

Yes its free for members to join exisiting Community groups.